Selling your car in Dubai

The Best Way to Sell Your Car in Dubai

The team at Simply Buy Any Car has compiled a list to help you sell your car in Dubai.


You will usually find that when the time comes to sell a car in Dubai, it suddenly becomes an extremely daunting task and you quickly find yourself putting the PRO in procrastination!


If this is you, you’re not alone. Most people spend more time thinking about selling their car than it actually takes to sell it. Did you know that selling your car through popular online classifieds takes an average of 3-8 months? Not to mention headaches from phone calls from time wasters and hardcore hagglers. You’ll cringe every time a potential buyer asks  “What’s your last price?” and “Does the car have any paint?” as it all becomes repetitive and daunting to the point of exhaustion.

Picky tire kickers and car dealers are some of the worst viewers to invite to look at your car. They, more than likely, will under value your car and expect you to reduce the price to reflect the apparent problems they imagine exist, or will exist in the future.


As if that’s not bad enough, a recent warning from Dubai police highlighted the dangers of selling to criminals acting as buyers on classifieds, who are ready to scam you out of your car and money.  According to Dubai Police’s Brigadier Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, head of the CID (Criminal Investigation Department), “Some buyers pick up the car in the afternoon and give the seller a cheque.” He continued “When the seller tries to cash the cheque the next day and finds that it is worthless because the buyer has no funds in his account,  it is too late to act because by that time, the stolen car would have been already smuggled to a neighbouring country,”


One of the most effective way to sell your car locally is also one of the easiest to implement. That is, with a for-sale sign stuck to a window in your car. Unfortunately, it is illegal in the UAE to display this sign in any vehicle outside a dealership.


We’ve established that the public classified system is far too laborious and dangerous, and displaying for-sale signs is illegal in Dubai, so then what is the best way to sell your car?


  1. Ask around and try to find someone or someone who knows someone who is in the market for the type of car you’re selling, and you may just be able to sell it to someone you know. Make sure you disclose any mechanical (or other) issues with your car to the buyer before selling it.


  1. Go to a dealership and see if they would like to buy your car for a good price. What “a good price” is, is up to you. But before doing that,  you can visit us at to get a free online valuation, instantly, and we’ll tell you how much you may be able to get if we were to buy your car.


  1. Make use of pin boards at universities or office buildings. Students and young professionals tend to buy used cars. Leave your email address as a point of contact, so you can interview them before deciding to meet them. Leaving a phone number may be dangerous.


  1. By far, the easiest way to sell your car in Dubai is to head over to and get an instant valuation then bring it in so we can take a look at it.

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