BMW is applying for a patent on exterior car freshener

In a new step to enhance the distinction of its brand, the German luxury car manufacturer, BMW, is seeking to use new technology that allows its cars to spread their distinctive scent while they are on the roads.

The German company submitted an application to the German Patent Office to register its invention for a new system that perfumes the exterior of the car by emitting a distinctive fragrance from its blue and white logo at the front of the car’s front hood.

Patent registration application

The American Car Buzz website, which specializes in automotive issues, indicated that the company submitted an application to register the invention, after a previous announcement by BMW about its desire to improve the smell of its cars in its external surroundings, which does not yet exceed the smells of exhausts and unpleasant odors emitted with the air conditioning.

BMW is applying for a patent on exterior car freshenerWhile other car companies, such as the American Ford Motor Company, have applied for patents for systems to eliminate unwanted odors inside cars, BMW is one of the first companies to develop outdoor freshener technology. In 2019, the Japanese company Toyota Motor filed a patent application for similar technology, but it has not submitted anything concrete yet.

It is noteworthy that the application for a patent does not necessarily mean that the idea will become a real invention, and industrial companies often submit requests to register patents for new technologies in order to block the way for competitors to introduce new devices.

Car Buzz said that converting the fragrance release technology from the BMW system from a patent to a real device is still subject to all welcome and farewell scenarios.