BMW IX: A controversial Style

One of the autos that has the characteristics of controversial styling is BMW IX. Most importantly, this auto is fully electric and controversially stylish. Furthermore, it has a polarizing design. However, BMW IX is the first SUV to reach the main stream of the market. Another important characteristic that this auto has is that it is an all-wheel drive. Of course, people do strive for owning SUV. BMW IX has the same size of X5 in terms of all directions.

Stylish Design

This auto has a very stylish design. Shedding the light on the front parts it is a kidney like shape. Moreover, this kidney-like shape has little grid with sensors hidden at the rear. What is interesting about this grid is that it cools itself when exposed to heat. The logo of the company opens and closes with the switch of the auto. In addition, the rich and deep torque is one of the unforgettable characteristics of BMW IX. Furthermore, this auto can cross a very long distance in one charge. This feature is pretty important for many reasons. When changing the oil, you can access as much information as possible. This feature is novice for many other automakers.


The suspension system is very efficient with air suspension which assists the main system. All of the iXs of this auto are all-wheel drive. So, this guarantees a top speed.  The configuration is 516 horse power and 564 ib-ft of torque. The lithium-ion pack is 160 kwh, this relates to very long distance to cross. It has five seats for passengers. The hood is effectively sealed up. Anyhow, BMW IX is one of the fascinating SUV auto ever present. The overall style is controversial and novice. All in all, BMW IX is undoubtedly ultimate.