The Toughest Race: BYD V.S Tesla

Both firms, BYD and Tesla slosh a fierce race between them. Each one seeking to outperform the other. BYD and Tesla are among the best car companies in the world in terms of efficiency and quality. In addition, the last intense race between them, it focuses on reducing prices and attracting customers. But in a precedent that did not happen in the past, BYD beats Tesla in terms of selling electric cars. Where the first one sold about 700,255 cars, and this is a very high number that is difficult to reach. The second one did not give in to its counterpart. However, BYD, as it sold approximately 466,140.  This number of electric car sales is the second highest in the world. And in the midst of astonishment, it learned about the new reality and every abnormal rule.

Unprecedented Efforts

The global manufacturer of electric vehicles ranks second in sales compared to BYD, despite its unprecedented efforts. In the previous period, Tesla presented offers for cheap electric cars. Not only that, but it is the first company to provide free electric charging service for cars. Moreover it is not for short interval, but for years. To catch up with the leading company BYD, Tesla encouraged automakers. Tesla provides these companies with technical support to use modern devices and technologies in the automotive industry. It encourages them to increase production and productivity. In the near future, Tesla expected to bridge the big difference in selling electric cars. One of the first companies that Tesla will support is Audi. Tesla will settle many issues soon or later. Accordingly, it will produce many modern electric cars, depending on Tesla’s long experience. In conclusion, despite the superiority achieved by BYD, Tesla will hold the crown of electric-autos manufacturing.