Carpool in Abu Dhabi

Have you ever thought about accompanying your neighbors to work or elsewhere? Do you mind taking a stranger with you who have the same destination as yours? It does not sound a good idea to commute everyday in single-drive to work or anywhere. Whenever you find a chance to do so, do not waste it. There are many advantages behind this.


The idea of carpool sprang from the United States of America. In the World War II, a severe oil shortage hit that country. As a result, the idea of carpool came into existence. Of course, it has been invented to solve that problem. But not so many people understand that it will help the world in many aspects to get rid of many problems.

Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emission

Imagine that there are approximately 200 employees who cross that same destination everyday in single-drive. If hypothetically they agree to carpool together, they will probably need only 50 cars instead of 200. There will be many advantages gained form this. First, traffic congestion will be reduced. In addition, the emission of carbon dioxide which constitutes a dilemma to the world today will decrease. In terms of socialization, it is a good idea to have a kind of intimate discussion that creates harmony in the society.
In the past, some people disagreed with the idea. Because of the fact that they did not feel the need for it. The traffic congestion was not as severe as today, and there are a lot of parking spaces. Gradually, people can be convinced by a lot of justifiable reasons to accept the idea with satisfaction.