Cars & Dashboard-cameras in the UAE

No doubt that many cars companies are exerting too much effort to promote safety on roads. There are a lot of technological devices that can be used to establish this safety. However, Moblileye is technological company concerned with launching systems that can reduce or prevent fatal accidents from occurring. Of course, there are some sensors and hazards that are used to alert drivers about risks. Accordingly, the driver has to take action. This is not the same here! The action in this advanced system is taken by the car itself automatically!

High Costs

Shading the light in what is so called cost, it is important to be put into consideration. Because of the fact that people do not take the adventure of wasting their money in state-of-the-art cars. For this reason, this company has designed a system which can be installed in any car. No need to buy a brand new one!

About the System

This high safety system is mainly made out of a camera. This camera helps in avoiding collision. Based on distance of objects the system instantly calculates dimension. Not only this, but the current speed of the car is calculated as well. After calculating both the distance and the dimension, the camera sends a signal to the car’s brake. It reacts immediately with no need for the driver to do so.

Automatic Brake

As we have just mentioned in the previous section that the car stops swiftly once receiving a signal. Therefore, the number of accidents on roads decreased as a result of this effective speed camera. The camera can detect collision beyond 1.5 kilometers.
To put it in a nut shell, this camera is cost-effective. Because to the fact that it works in any car old or brand new. Most importantly than this, it makes our roads accidents-free.