Cars’ Eco System

To reduce the increasing energy consumption in cars, the importance of the Eco system in modern cars emerged. In addition, there increased interest in environmentally friendly systems that aim to reduce carbon-emissions into the atmosphere. The Eco system in cars plays a major role in achieving this goal. However, the Eco system not be used on mountains because it reduces the torque of the car. It means reducing fuel consumption. It is also difficult to use when the wind is strong. However, there are some cars that took great care into their design so that the aerodynamic system works smoothly with them. Therefore, in designing cars, consideration be given to the front part of the car and the rear. The rear part of the car is no less important than the front.

Eco System and Aerodynamics

Removed air form the fort hinders the movement of the car. Therefore, the car designed from the back according to rules and controls that will increase pressure resistance. The sides of the car also affected by air pressure. Therefore, designers determine the car’s center of gravity. They disperse the air force coming from the front and the rear pressure. This is not to affect the car’s momentum. With this design, the eco system used to work in harmony with the aerodynamic system. Again, it is necessary to avoid using the Eco system on mountains, as previously mentioned. This is because the vehicle may slip. Safety does not come before the economy. The driver must turn off the Eco system immediately when entering rough roads or hills. The Eco system is preferable for driving in cities and areas where there is no danger. This is optimal for the vehicle owner as well as the environment. The vehicle owner can save fuel and emit less gases to the environment. The aerodynamic systems in cars and the eco system are very important.