Causes and Solutions for Car Accidents

There are many causes for car accidents worldwide – there are lots of solutions too. The danger of accidents results in many fatalities, autos damage, and road damage as well. So, lots of reports in various countries exhibit the consequences of roads accidents. For instance, a reports prepared by the United Nation shows that the fatalities continue to surge. This resulted in the death of thirty million people: children, teens, adults and over-aged. This estimation represents an annual rate of road accidents. However, this rate occurs in developing countries rather than developed countries. The mentioned estimation stresses the danger of the accidents for people’s safety on roads. To clarify more, countries of Sahara Africa and pacific Asia represent fifty percent of this estimation. What adds more oil to the fire is that cars manufacturing continues to surge – continue to buy autos. Not to mention that RTAs continue to construct and refurbish roads. We cannot combat this problem by suppressing people’s interest of owning autos. Nor RTA will stop refurbish and construct road – cars manufactures will not stop manufacturing autos. The only solution for this problem is to enhance safety by using technology.

Genre  of Roads Accidents

There are various types of roads accidents according to the damage location on the car. Rear impact accident is a type of accident when the damage is minor. More specifically, when a car hits another from back as a result of brake malfunction. Another kind of autos accident is when an auto hits another from the side; this one called side-impact-accident. It often happens due to lose of control resulting from mechanical problem. Furthermore, it can happen because of driver’s abruption  by passengers. All in all, drivers should pay attention and avoid committing accidents by having full road concentration.