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Changes to UAE road traffic laws: what you need to know

A new draft law on traffic regulations is set to be implemented by the Ministry of Interior in the forthcoming months, which will see increases in the penalties for dangerous stunt driving in the UAE.

The new ruling states that those found guilty of reckless driving, or drivers who endanger the lives of others, will face a fine of Dh2000 along with 23 black points on their licence. In addition to this, the vehicle used to commit the crime will be impounded for 2 months.

Even before the implementation of the new law, there have already been large numbers of luxury cars impounded under current regulations during recent crackdowns – with 368 vehicles having been seized for reckless driving in the first quarter of 2017 alone.

Safe driving campaign

The majority of motorists who partake in dangerous driving practices are known to race on roads in built-up areas, particularly during evening times.

As part of a campaign to improve road safety by deterring stunt drivers, car buyers are being urged not to speed, to drive carefully and to avoid modifying engines to make loud noises or to be unnecessarily powerful.

The new reckless driving laws will also apply to buggy drivers, who will risk even heavier punishments if found to be on the wrong side of the law. Fines for Dh3000 and impound orders for three months are the standard punishments, and those found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will have their licence suspended for twelve months.

Making roads safer

In addition to laws aimed at cracking down on speeding and racing, the following rules have also been drafted:

    • Drivers without a child safety seat for a child under the age of 4 will face a Dh400 fine, plus four black points.
    • Drivers without a licence plate will face a Dh3000 fine and three black points, with the vehicle impounded for three months.
    • Drivers who stop in the middle of the road and block traffic will face a Dh1000 fine.
    • Drivers who drop litter will face a Dh1000 fine and six black points.

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