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The 2017 Mercedes S-Class Dash a touch of class

Although car enthusiasts in the gulf might have already been lucky enough to witness the Mercedes S-Class up close and personal, nobody seems aware of what the S-Class Dash seems to have in store.

As a bit of a scoop for those seeking the latest transport news in UAE, we can bring you some official information direct from Mercedes on what to expect. Needless to say, as luxury cars go, the S-Class Dash is up there with best – so let’s take a look why.

State of the art technology

Mercedes Benz DubaiMost new cars are fitted with plenty of tech, and as expected, the S-Class Dash comes with two 12” high definition displays – but there’s more than initially meets the eye.

Mercedes has upgraded the Active Steering Assist option which allows the vehicle to keep a safe distance from traffic and obstacles, allowing it to automatically steer itself (albeit in small doses) and automatically adjust its speed when traversing corners. On top of this, a further steering module (Evasive Steering Assist) provides the S-Class Dash with the ability to apply an extra touch to the steering motion upon the detection of a pedestrian within the “danger zone”.

Further semi-autonomous features

Perhaps one of the most impressive features implemented in the new S-Class Dash is “Car-to-X Communication”. When activated, this feature will verbally alert the driver of any upcoming road hazards instead of cluttering up the display unit. Given recent changes to the law in UAE with a focus on road safety, it’s a feature that will be welcomed by government and drivers alike.

When will the Mercedes S-Class Dash be on sale?

Mercedes S Class DubaiThe updated configuration is about to go on show this week in New York and Shanghai, with a release date scheduled for late summer 2017. Mercedes have remained tight-lipped on further international release dates, meaning that UAE car buyers might have to wait slightly longer for the model to reach these shores.

Until then, you can keep up to date on all the latest comings and goings in the UAE automobile world via our cars blog, featuring information on selling cars in the UAE, new vehicle news and more.