Cobra Extreme: Fully-Electric Off-road Auto

The Cobra Extreme is an all-electric road vehicle designed for off-road racing. It known that electric cars made of carbon fiber due to their strength and light weight. However, the designers of the Cobra Extreme car did not use this metal. But, they used flax as an alternative to carbon fiber. Linen used from the flax tree due to its light weight. This car featured in Extreme Off-Road Racing. The printing on the car is a 3D printing, which gives the car a superior aesthetic shape.

Cobra Extreme A Specifications

The batteries placed in the back and have a capacity of 54 watts per hour. Moreover, in an interval of about four seconds, the car accelerates to a speed of zero to 100 km. The model that preceded this type has the characteristics of two powerful engines. In addition, the acceleration reaches the speed from zero to 100 km in 6.5 seconds. Furthermore, the development of the Extreme car continues in off-road race with the guarantee of the Cobra-Company. The company promises Cobra to develop another car like this model in the near future 2024.

To add up more, the overall shape of the car is very beautiful, especially the three-dimensional shape. There are two doors designed with high efficiency, reflecting the skill of the engineers. There is a large and clear distance between the tires and the body of the car. So, this is due to the nature of the rough roads and the muddy sand. The Cobra Extreme followed the futuristic design approach of modern electric vehicles designed for off-road. But this design was in partnership with the company ABTS Sport Line. Cobra Extreme expected to be one of the cars that will lead the race.  This is despite the presence of strong competitors.