Volvo Auto Braking System

Autos braking systems are very important – Volvo is among the outstanding autos’ braking system cars. It is true that autos drivers should pay much more attention on-road. However, sometimes some things may divert from autos drivers attention. The system, in this case, operates automatically to promote safety. There are sensors on the front part of the hood. When the car approaches an object to a very approximate level, the system reacts immediately. The designers called this system “City Safety System”. On the other hand, if a driver disabled this system problems happen.  One of the expected problems is that the driver is likely to commit an accident.

What about Trucks?

In order to avoid this dilemma, drivers need to check putting this system on before driving. However, the City Safety System that mentioned before is for Volvo small-sized cars. On the other hand, there are gigantic trucks which also require it. In the case of large autos, the designer need to leave more safety distance. There are many reasons behind this. Firstly, gigantic trucks are large and their stoppage requires more force. Therefore, the longer safety distance the designers leave the better performance they will gain.

Unexpected Turn

Also City Safety System is one of the safety systems that promote safety, there are some pitfalls. These pitfalls directly relates to this system. Some drivers complain that they committed accidents even though the system is on. Furthermore, in one of the driving tests, the car failed to stop, hitting the man who stopped in front of it. Another case is that a driver drove the car in a dim place, the hit the other auto in front of it. Therefore, we can say that it is better to leave this system as a secondary safety source not primary.