Danger of Using Cell-Phones While Driving

One of the main and argumentative topics related to driving is the use of cell-phones while driving. It is true that mobile phones do have great advantage represented in many aspects of our life. However, there should be a limit to its use, especially while driving. It is true that in the Road Traffic Authority drivers should not using cell-phones while driving. This is to prevent accidents occurrence and this is absolutely factual. However, there are some other who are going against this trend – believing that he opposite could also be possible. Some of the opponents think that using mobile phones while driving is acceptable. They put into consideration some other factors.

Transit Drivers

Meanwhile other drivers ought not to use phones while driving. Transit driver are in an urgent need to use mobile phone constantly while driving. This is because of the fact that they deal with guiders who describe locations for them frequently. Therefore, Transit drivers find themselves between two decisions which is difficult to select one of them. If the chose the former they will adhere to Road Traffic Authority. On the other hand, they will suffer a lot. This is because of the fact that they should stop frequently to manage frequent calls. And if they go for the other option they will end up braking Road Traffic Authority’s road regulation. In order to solve this problem there should be a lane in between. To clarify more, RTA should allow Transit drivers to use phones while driving but with caution. This is because of their urgent need for doing so. So, policymakers should strike a balance between these two various genre of drivers. There are some personal needs tangled to it. In conclusion, RTA should put this necessity into consideration.