Dangerous drivers to face significant penalties in the UAE

Driving is undeniably the best way to travel in the UAE – it has some of the most advanced cars and technologically-advanced road systems in the world, yet still offers beautiful landscapes that are simply stunning to drive through. However, driving in the Emirates can also be a risky business, due to a few irresponsible motorists.

What do these irresponsible motorists do?

Car Accident DubaiSome of the country’s most dangerous drivers have been known to drive along the hard shoulder of the UAE’s motorways, even though they should be reserved for breakdowns and other emergencies. Others have been caught blocking emergency vehicles as they try to reach incident-sites.

Luckily, Abu Dhabi’s traffic authorities are cracking down on this kind of unsafe driving. They have recently introduced new fines and penalties that should help prevent hard shoulder driving and emergency vehicle blocking.

What are the new punishments?

Driving on the hard shoulder now carries a fine of Dh1,000 and a penalty of six black points on the driver’s license. Dh1,000 is a hefty fine, but the threat of six black points is likely to have a much bigger impact on bad drivers’ behaviour. After all, nobody wants to risk losing their driver’s license – especially in the UAE, where road travel is a crucial part of day to day life.

Blocking emergency vehicles also carries a fine of Dh1,000. However, drivers who commit this offence will only receive four black points on their license. While this penalty is less severe than the one associated with driving on the hard shoulder, it should still be sufficient to deter most dangerous drivers.

What does this mean for you? With dangerous drivers facing heavy fines and significant penalties, you may notice that driving around the UAE becomes a much, much safer experience. In fact, you may even want to drive further or more often. If so, you may wish to consider investing in a new vehicle.

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