DC Customs Bentley Flying Spur Pickup

One of the top speed autos is DC Customs Bentley Flying Spur Pickup. This auto is magnificent when it comes to speed. In terms of relaxation, it is very relaxing. Passengers can recline at the back compartment in a very interesting way. In addition, there is enough space for both: head-rooms and foot-rooms. Not only these, but for further relaxation there are head-rests for passengers to better recline. The texture of the internal parts of the car is very soft and easily cleanable. In addition, Customs Bentley Flying is not noisy, but it is super quiet and joyous.

Extraordinary Design

The internal and external designs of this auto are kind of extraordinary design. Under the arm rests there are important facilities, such as, charging slots. Furthermore, the cupholders’ location is at the front part of the armrests. To your surprise, there is a fridge between the two back seats where you can keep cold drinks. However, it can hold only bottles – not cups, not to mention the special place for phones. No need to tie the screens at the back of back seats for there is a magnetic part for swift adjustment. Moreover, you can use the screen to see your face and even take a photo. Also, you can move the mirror down from the roof.

Surprisingly, there is a small tablet for adjusting many things, such as the temperature and the seats. Once again, there is a magnetic part that helps you to quickly readjust the tablet back again. Amusingly, you can adjust the seat in the message mood and it will message your tired body. In addition, Bentley Fling Spur Pickup has a 583-horsepower twin-turbo strong engine.  All in all, Bently Fling Spur Pickup is a highly advanced auto with super high performance.