Defensive Driving in the UAE

Driving is an art and skill rather than following road’s regulations. Roads are full of different types of drivers ranging from those are outstanding to reckless ones. Anyhow, there are some dos that most driver should apply to keep road accidents-free. It is important to be wise and not leave your fate in the hands of reckless drivers. If the majority of motorists follow safety regulations road accidents will be reduced by 50%.

Stay Controlled

Many drivers do not care a lot about safety in driving. because of the fact that they think driving is like walking but the difference is so huge. As workers have to pay full attention on their work, drivers should do the same. Motorists should put into consideration the followings: traffic signals, speed, mirrors, the two lanes…etc. before getting behind the wheel, motorists should make sure that they had enough night sleep to help them stay controlled and increase their concentration span.

Avoidance of Distractors

There are some distractors than the majority of drivers do, thinking that they are not so risky. When in fact they could easily put both motorists and even others. Firstly, talking on the phone while driving is one of the most common habits that many motorists do. However, the risk that stems out form this action is so great. At the time that the driver picks up phone, their mind has to process two pictures at the same time. This will reduce their concentration span, resulting on divergence from their lane to others.

The other distractor that many motorists do not pay attention to is eating. Some people leave work offices in hurry to rich other destination. Therefore, they take their sandwiches into the car and eat while driving. This is an adventure, because of the fact that motorists may not be able to be aware of many road potentials.