Demerit System for Traffic Offences in UAE

It is not wondering to be stopped by the police as a result of exceeding the number of points of reckless driving. Dubai is like all modern cities around the world that use this system to pour more safety on roads. RTA applied Demerit System for traffic offences in order to spot the light on careless drivers and to acknowledge good driving as well.
RTA is ambitious enough to pave the way for a futuristic vision which is to make Dubai’s roads accident-free. However, before introducing black points system the number of fatalities on road was 1,056. In order to combat this issue Dubai’s Police frequently introduces drastic traffic rules and hefty fines drivers that violate the regulations and cause danger on roads. As a result, the number of road casualties decreased dramatically to 174 road fatalities. This marvelous view made Dubai’s roads safer for all people there.
The maximum number of points that a driver can receive are 24 points, but if a driver reached this number or exceed it, his license and car can be suspended for up to a year. However, reckless drivers may continue driving carelessly and pay any fine issued for them. Therefore, if a person drives in a way that endangers people’s live, the driver can receive a fine of AED 2,000 and the car will be impounded for sixty days as well. Not only this, but even littering or not stopping on zebra crossings results in receiving four black points.
One of the reasons that cause accidents on roads is tailgating, and it is one of the reasons for getting black points in U.A.E. To make careless drivers abstain from this habitual action the punishment is escalated to a level that the driver can be detained to more than a day. On the other hand, you can reduce the of black points that you received by joining a one-day course on promoting road safety and spreading traffic awareness. What is interesting is that you can also score white points by adhering traffic laws, positive field reports, clean accident records and an annual assessment of (outstanding) issued for drivers who committed no traffic violations.