Abu Dhabi New Navigation System

So far, Abu Dhabi suffered from peak traffic congestions which force motorists to spend much more time reaching their destination. This problem does not occur recently, but it existed many years ago. Although there were a lot of effort that has been exerted to overcome this problem, it still lingering up. In order to combat this issue a new navigation system has been launched in Abu Dhabi.

Importance of the Navigation System

Recently, drivers tried to a skilful way to get rid of tough traffic jams by using their mobile phones. However, this is not an ultimate solution, because motorists have to pay attention to the road as well as the screen of their phones. This divert of attention could result in dangerous or even fatal accidents. Moreover, concentrating simultaneously on two things, minimizes motorists’ road concentration level, especially in long destinations.

Pros of Abu Dhabi New Navigation System

What makes this new navigation system outstanding is that it is installed in the car itself. Therefore, drivers’ attention will not be distracted. This system informs motorists about less traffic congestion routes. It will also provide them with updated and verified information about ideal parking areas.

Cons of the New Navigation System

For this system to work appropriately, it must be connected to the internet. However, if drivers run out of internet service, they will not be able to use this navigation system. An interesting solution can be carried out by designing a navigation system that is capable of working off-line. Abu Dhabi’s Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) can tax drivers for this service.
In conclusion, this navigation system will combat the problem of high traffic congestion. In addition, it will assist commuters to reach their destinations as quick as possible. Thanks to RTA in Abu Dhabi for this valuable service.