Driving During High Peaks of Temperature

Driving during high peaks of temperature could be dangerous for autos and drivers alike. However, since drivers enjoy the air condition they will not suffer at all. The only problem is that the engine of the auto can become so high. This will affect the performance of the car in general, and it may develop some risks. Therefore, motorists should pay lots of attention to the warning lights and gauges of temperature on the dashboard. In some cases, motorists have to shut down their air condition if the engine’s temperature is so high.

Compulsory Stoppage

However, it is advisable to park your car if temperature gauge went to red zone. In this case, if you continue driving, the engine of the car may stop working completely. Furthermore, the car may require from you getting a new engine. Before taking all these steps, motorists should turn off the air condition in order to alleviate the pressure on the engine. Accordingly, the heat of the engine will come down. In addition to this, motorists have to turn on the auto’s heater. This will further assist the engine to get rid of the heat. After doing this, search for a service station or park the car out the road until you find assistance.



Engine Restarting Time

In order to start again driving your auto, you have to wait for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes are enough for cooling down the engine and enabling the car for a new round. There are other things that should be put into consideration. For instance, the water of the radiator should be refilled. This is because of the fact that this water evaporates as a result of high temperature. However, drivers should be rather careful when opening the cap of the radiator; it may open in an explosive way!!!