Dubai Testing: Self-driving Electric-charging Vehicles

Dubai to do testing for self-driving electric-charging vehicles. Many of those who hear about electric cars associate them only with small private cars. However, this is what we will not talk about in this article. Today’s article talks about something very new and innovative. Furthermore, it is about the use of self-driving electric cargo vehicles. These vehicles transport goods from one place to another without the need for fossil fuels and without the need for drivers. Therefore, this idea spearheaded by a leading vehicle company called Ivocargo. All this development is entrusted to the Dubai region, south of the region. This region needs such support from a company with long experience in this field.

Dubai Testing: Self-driving Electric-charging VehiclesTesting Self-driving Electric Vehicles

The Dubai Southern Administration agreed with the leading company. Ivokargo will conduct a test on self-driving electric vehicles of its type EVO.1 in Logistics District. These tests began at the beginning of this year and will continue until next year. In the future, this vehicle will not only serve the southern region of Dubai. But it will cover all parts of the Emirates and then spread throughout the Middle East. This vehicle has a carrying capacity of 2 tons. Furthermore, it can accommodate up to 6 European standard pallets. This car can travel a distance of 200 kilometers on a single charge. Its speed is 25 kilometers per hour. The vehicle charging speed varies according to the type of plug used.

Operational monitoring units for these vehicle stationed in the southern Dubai Logistics Zone. So, this is to ensure the operation of sensors, predict and detect faults before they occur. Not only that, but there is a remote operator to facilitate control of the platform. On the other hand, this is limited only to the trial period.