Dubai Traffic Toll Gates: (Salik)

One of the electronic traffic toll in Dubai is Salik. This system helps to pave the way for smooth flow of traffic. So far, cars had to stop to pay tolls to cross or go back to the traffic station to pay the fees.  So, this was an obstacle to the flow of roads which already suffering from overcrowding. During this time, the technology of the Salik application allows the driver to pay fees through the application, saving time and effort. In addition, it facilitates the flow of traffic and clinging to advanced technical civilized roads.

SalikHow does Salik work?

The driver should install the application on the front windshield. This application identifies the vehicle by electronic scanning. Prior to this drivers should register their autos in advanced. Failing in doing so, the application will issue a fine of 100 dirhams for the car. But before this, there is a grace period for renewal of 10 working days from Salik. Then the value doubles each time the auto crosses the gate without registration. Each doubling done according to the value of the previous one. For example, multiply 10 to 20, 20 to 40, and so on. Accordingly, drivers should comply with the early registration and Salik regulations.

SalikIf that there is insufficient balance in the application, a fine of 50 dirhams added for each vehicle. If this car registered outside the Emirate of Abu Dhabi – the allowed period is only five working days. There is the largest violation of all Salik violations, which is 10,000 dirhams. This violation calculated if the license plates tampered with to avoid paying fees. The last violation equals the fine for tampering with license plates. The same price is for violation of damaging any of Salik electronic payment devices.