Dubai’s most dangerous roads revealed

When it comes to motoring in the UAE, Dubai is one of the most popular places where people love their cars. If you travel anywhere in this wonderful city you will see a wide variety of colourful and expensive cars that people get from A to B in. Of course, this love for fast cars and driving can sometimes lead to road traffic accidents. The latest transport news in UAE has shown this to be true by revealing the most dangerous roads to drive on in the city.

Recent figures paint a picture

The Dubai Traffic Police have just released their figures from the first 6 months of 2018 and they make interesting reading. As well as showing the most dangerous Dubai roads, they also illustrate why Dubai drivers need to take extra care. In total, 1250 accidents were recorded with 884 injuries and 76 deaths. Although these are roughly the same as last year, Dubai authorities still want people to take more care when behind the wheel.

What are the most dangerous roads for Dubai drivers?

The report from the Dubai Traffic Police outlined the below as the ones to watch out for:

– Emirates Road with 14 fatalities and 30 traffic accidents
– Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road with 8 deaths and 72 recorded accidents
– Shaikh Zayed Road counted 8 fatal accidents and 69 major collisions
– Dubai-Al Ain Road witnessed just 4 deaths and 26 accidents
– Al Khail Road had only 3 deaths and 34 serious accidents

If you regularly drive down any of the above, then please take extra caution!

Keep Dubai safe

Although there is no need for alarm as a Dubai driver, these figures do show why any car buyers in the city need to exercise caution on the road. It is not always as simple as paying a fine for any traffic violations or dangerous driving you may engage in. Poor driving standards can have often fatal consequences and these latest statistics show just how common this can be. If you stick to the speed limit, leave a safe distance between cars and always adhere to the rules of the Dubai roads, you will be fine.