Electric Automotives in the UAE

Electric automotives have become a kind of novice appearance of the UAE roads. In the past before the Electric automotives , there were many petrol powered autos, in many parts of the UAE. As the world become in a state of development, every second, the UAE wants to catch up with such lofty ambitions. It is rather important for many countries to give up using gasoline and benzene powered autos. It has been proved by science that these power sources are very harmful to the environment. In other words, they are not environmentally-friendly.

Environmentally-friendly Sources of Power

There are many sources of power for autos which are available worldwide. Many people do believe that petrol with its main kinds, i.e. gasoline and benzene are good sources of power for autos. On the contrary, this idea is totally false. It is fallacious because of the fact they pollute the air. Air pollution results in many health problems related to all creatures, as well as, trees and many habitats. Throughout the previous decades, the world never experienced any kind of environmental problem. This is due to the fact that there were traditional means of transportation for people and goods.

An Alternative Solution

There are many various solutions for the problem of powering autos. Some of these sources are solar power, and electricity. The question is which of these autos power is better? On one hand, solar power is environmentally-friendly because it does not emit carbon dioxide in the air. Like solar power, electricity has the same characteristic. On the other hand, the former is not available in the long run. Therefore, it is better to depend on both of these energy alternatives. If one of them is not available the other can cover the shortage. Will the world turn its back on petrol?