Electric cars now accommodated at Sahara Centre

According to a new official announcement, Sharjah is joining the big push across the country to make free electric chargers available for zero-emission electric vehicles. The Sahara Centre has thus announced itself as the first mall in Sharjah to provide free charging points for electric vehicles. The move is powered by Tesla, the premier electric car manufacturer out of California, USA.

New innovations and opportunities

In a public statement from the mall’s representatives, the initiative was described as a way to reflect the commitment of the Sahara Centre to improving “customer service and satisfaction”, with a focus on exploring innovative technologies and the opportunities they bring. The charging points also represent a commitment to adopting “sustainable solutions”, whereby customers will be encouraged to care for the environment.

There are three new charging points, from which owners of electric vehicles will be able to top-up their batteries for absolutely no cost. The charging points are located both in the mall and its new extension car parks, and they will be accessible during the Sahara Centre’s opening hours. Charging at these points for one hour will provide as much as 100km of range for an electric vehicle.
electric car parking Dubai
The push for clean energy

The UAE is slowly gaining a significant enthusiasm for electric vehicles. This is shown in the recent addition of Tesla vehicles to the Dubai taxi rank in 2017. The bottom line is a nation aiming to become one of the world’s central locations for clean energy usage and a greener economy.

The Sahara Centre has clearly kept itself on top of this positive trend. The installation of these electric vehicle charging points demonstrates the mall’s dedication to innovative and sustainable new technologies. The hope is that this is another positive step towards increasingly widespread adoption of clean mobility options in Sharjah.

The Sahara Centre is the leading destination in Sharjah for retail, leisure and entertainment. Its influence as a trend setter for big businesses and the general public is significant, so this gesture of contributing to the movement for improving the environment in UAE will have an impact on others choosing to do the same.