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BMW to release new BMW 1with innovative front-wheel-drive system

BMW specialise in manufacturing sturdy vehicles that offer opulent driving experiences. This combination of resilience and sophistication makes BMW cars ideal for UAE drivers who need to drive long distances in comfort. BMW’s vehicles particularly appeal to drivers who don’t have the budget to buy a truly high-end vehicle such as the Mercedes Benz we discussed in our last blog but still want to drive something that reflects their aspirational lifestyle. These drivers should be delighted to learn that the manufacturer is planning to reveal a truly innovative new car later this year.

BMW 1 SeriesThe upcoming BMW 1 Series is likely to be properly unveiled before the end of 2018. Even though the car hasn’t officially debuted yet, we already know a great deal about it. The vehicle’s most exciting feature is its new front-wheel-drive system. It will be the first BMW 1 Series vehicle to feature this type of system.

Front-wheel-drive systems have several key benefits over traditional rear-wheel-drive systems. Most notably, they’re lighter and they take up less space, meaning that cars that utilise these systems have more space for passengers and luggage. They are also less heavy and therefore more energy efficient.

The front-wheel-drive system that BMW has incorporated into its new 1 Series is also designed to work better in hybrids and electric vehicles than old rear wheel drive systems. This suggests that the company plans on offering electric and hybrid variants on its new vehicle, which should help it to appeal to eco-enthusiasts.

Here at Simply Car Buyers, we can’t wait to see what kind of vehicle the new BMW 1 Series will be. We do know that it will be an entry-level car, meaning that most ordinary drivers should be able to afford it. However, it’s always wise to put aside extra money if you plan on buying a new vehicle. If you’re interested in raising enough capital to purchase the latest BMW 1 Series, we can help. We’re happy to buy any car, so why not sell your old vehicle to us today? We can offer you a great price and you can put the money towards your next car.