Environmentally-friendly Electric Cars: UAE

Whether electric cars are environmentally friendly or not is a wide argumentative topic. However, what people do not know is that electric autos cost six times minerals, than traditional cars. These autos depend heavily on lithium-ion batteries which represent approximately a third of the vehicle weight. These autos depend mainly for powering their engines on lithium-ion batters. These batteries are very costive in many aspects. First of all, to build them you need millions tons of lithium, bauxite, cobalt and many other minerals. Some of these minerals are very harmful to the environment. So, the extraction of these material leaves a wide array of environmental misuses and abuses. Anyway, scientists do their best to alleviate the environmental harm to the universe from powering autos.

High Cost

The minerals that used in manufacturing EVs come from distant countries. This results in high cost of moving these minerals to the manufacturing countries. So, shipping and other means of transportation are pretty costive. However, by so many means the utilization of EVs in one step towards having pollution-free world.  In comparison, the harm that the process of extracting minerals are much less than its counterpart. In other words, the former represents only a tiny fraction of pollution. The scenario of lithium made batteries is a best scenario than fossil extraction. Shedding the light on weight, almost third of EVs weight related to the battery. These batteries are very heavy. They are so, in order to power the EVs having long mileages. Furthermore, electric vehicle require about six time minerals than conventional autos. Therefore, in terms of minerals consumption, traditional autos are less. The senior researcher Sergey expresses that the transition to low-carbon fuels is not a magic bullet. It cannot be without negative outcomes. However, EVs are less harmful than if we stick to fossil fuels.