New Ferrari 812 Superfast Auto

Beside new Ferrari 812 Superfast being a superfast auto it is baffling. This auto go an improvement in engine previous performance. That performance started form 740 horsepower. However, by now, it reached 800 horsepower of an enlarged 6.5-liter V12. In addition, the engine has 529 foot-pounds of torque. The red line has a set of 8,900 rpm. Another interesting information about this auto is that the front tyres have a width of 275-section. The aerodynamics of the auto are a bit different that the previous make, having a front-diffuser system. This helps that auto to accelerate the airflow easily and efficiently.

Unique Characteristics of New Ferrari

They steering system is not that one of other autos – two-wheels steering, but this one is four. This feature assists drivers to rotate at any very little space where the car is in. There is also an electric power steering. Furthermore, this system provides Ferrari with a very high level of flexibility of rotation when driving in top speed. Road traction is also very high in this car – drivers do have a real experience of perfect control. What is astonishing is that, when the car rotates the back-wheels never stop steering. This in turn, allows the car to preserve its speed.

Of course, the computer does all of the calculation of the depth and the dampers. This auto is speedy and slidy on tracks with a number plates that never allows the car to trundle aside. This auto is a medium sized one easy to drive in any narrow roads. This also helps avoiding side crashes with large trucks. However, there is no any alternation done for the gearbox with a dual clutch unit. But the speed of shifting is so high. Shedding the light on the chassis, it is a nine tenths F12 TDF.