Free Parking in UAE: Prophet’s Birthday

The Integrated-Transport-Center, Emirate of Abu Dhabi, offers autos drivers free parking slots during the Prophet’s Birthday. The Integrated Transports Center affiliated with the Department of Municipalities and Transport. Together they announced the working hours of customer happiness centers. However, the application hours for booking free parking fees, the “Darb” traffic tariff system is available. This is to glorify the Birthday of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. The working hours of public transport buses during the Prophet’s Birthday holiday is ongoing too. This offer will continue for a week that is to say until next Friday. The Center explained that customer services will end up for not more than seven days. On the other hand, the striking majority of customers will probably access the Center’s services. They can do this through the digital platforms  which is available on the main website. Furthermore, they can contact the Service Support Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport. Through this call they can access a free ticket. It lasts for a week. The parking will also be free for trucks.

Some Parking Restrictions

Furthermore, this service is available even during all types of vacations if they are within that week. However, this is not applicable to all parking slots. Still there are some private parking slots which are not for public use. They are prohibited, the reason behind prohibiting it is that they obstruct movement. The obstruction of autos movement specially during this occasion is problematic. This is because of the fact that if one auto parked there, it may choke all other autos movement. In addition to these autos drivers should also pay attention to the parking slots specified for certain time. For instance, there are some especial parking areas devoted only for works from nine to eight on the morning.