2021 GMC 3500HD Denali: Luxurious Truck

One of the luxurious heavy trucks is 2021 GMC 3500HD Denali. The external shape of this auto is aggressive. In the front, there are three grids. The first one which located at the top of the front parts is rather small. There is another one with the same shape located at the button of the front part. At the middle, there a large grid which its function is to cool the whole engine. The logo of the car located almost at the middle of this grid. The overall shape of the front part is harmonious and elegant enough.

Interior and Exterior of GMC 3500HD Denali

So far, the previous mention information relates to the exterior. In this part, the concentration will be on the interior parts of this auto. First of all, the back of the car has a perfect design and it is blackish. When you open the back door, there is a space for seating, when you park the car. Of course, the load that this auto can bear is to much, i.e., 375 pounds. The seats of the car are perfect made of water-proof plastic. However, there are some parts which made of leather that provide the car with elegant shape.

Specifications and Amusing Features

The specifications will be mentioned latter. So first, one of the amusing features is the storage. This storage located under the seats. So, drivers can just fold up the back seats to store their items. Furthermore, there is a place when you fold the back seats for cups holders and food. The engine is 6.6L V8-Gas, seating capacity 5, transmission 6 speed automatic. The drivetrain of the car is 4-wheel drive. To put it in a nutshell, 2021 GMC  3500HD Denali is a luxurious well-designed auto.

Cadillac Le Mans 2023: Hybrid Auto

The hybrid auto Cadillac will get involved in a very tough race. This race is the 24 Hours Le Man in 2023. The type of the race is LMDh. The main aim of this is that the American automaker wants to show up its new prototype. So, one of the ways to show up the power of an auto manufacturer is through race. Therefore, this American automaker will do so to really reveal to the world how powerful it is.

The Exterior of Cadillac: Hybrid Auto

This car is a very elegant and interesting car which the striking majority of auto fans admire. Since it is a racing car Cadillac has a triangular shape for the front. Furthermore, the company made up all parts of the auto from a refined metal. The main color is black which is a preferable color for the striking majority of auto-fans. On the other hand, the center of the car made of fine-glass. This functions as a protective layer, as well as, enables clear vision. In addition to these, Cadillac has a well-known perfected reputation as a result of continuous hard work. Of course, the company utilizes a very high technology to provide users with good experience.

A Gigantic Leap

Cadillac and the rest of other auto-manufacturers do have a very long history of competition. However, this seems to be the turn of Cadillac to take the lead through various competitions. To do so, it should exert lot of effort. Another important point which adds up the seriousness of this competition is the Peugeot presence. It is crystal clear that the more competitive autos join up the race the harder it gets to win. Anyhow, Cadillac will probably entertain the striking majority of auto fans with no grain of doubt.

Rim-guard Wheel Lock: The Ultimate Solution

Rim-guard wheel lock is the ultimate solution for wheels theft. For ages, wheels-thieves do easily loosen wheels from autos and take advantage of them. This wicked process does not exceed couples of minutes for accomplishing it. During the recent previous time, autos wheels turn to have a very soaring price. Accordingly, they attract the interest of many thieves to easily earn money in couples of minutes. In fact, this is very annoying because it ruins the owner of the car and delay him/her. Therefore, there should be an ultimate solution.

The Ultimate Solution

One of the ultimate solutions for wheels theft is Rim-guard wheels. This naming is explanatory.  Around the world, auto companies started to tackle this problem in many different ways. However, all of these solutions are not that kind of perfect. Wheels-thieves still find out some elusive ways to steal them. Therefore, this company manufactured this auto wheel to prevent a such kind of theft. The reason behind the easiness of wheel thefts is that the bolts are out. Therefore, it is very easy for thieves to just use spanners to unlock them.

How Does Rimguard Wheels Work?

Thieves easily find the bolts sticking out and accordingly unassemble them. One of the best solutions is to put the bolts of the wheels in hide. This is absolutely what Rimguard company did. Easily, the designers place the headings of the bolts in the posterior position of the wheel. Furthermore, they put a covering for them supported with a lock. However, the lock has a key of which the owner of the car can control it. In this case, thieves will not be able to commit this theft. All in all, Rimguard is the best and the ultimate solution to stick to.

Tesla’s Strongest Competitor: ET7

The new Chinese car ET7 considered as one of the cars perfectly competes Tesla. This car, for ages, dazzled the world. It is completely electric, and the company designed this Chinese car to compete with this sedan. One of the things that distinguishes this car is that you buy it without batteries. However, you just rent the batteries from the company. This feature is very excellent given the price of expensive electric car batteries. Not many electric car manufacturers have this feature. As for changing the batteries, it does not take more than three minutes.

NIO-ET7-5Features of ET7

This perfected auto has many features. These features make the ET7 the most powerful and best option on various aspects. So, in terms of price and other aspects it is cheaper. Sedans represent forty-five percent of the world’s most popular and attractive cars; this car is important. However, this car can cross thousand kilometres on a single charge. This long distance enables the driver to complete lot of tasks hassle-free of daily charging.

The car is equipped with remote sensing devices that help it perceive the surroundings around it. So, it enhances the possibility of safe driving. The audio system and amplifier used is 7.1.4 V2X class. On top of that, there is a Bluetooth 5.2 and Wi-Fi 6. The engine power is 644 hp and torque is 850 Nm. The acceleration rate starts from 0 and reaches 100 km in 9.3 seconds. One of the most important things that distinguishes this car is its sporty exterior. Also, the interior of the car is very fascinating enough. Furthermore, the very amazing interior design plays a big role in making the car popular. In conclusion, the fierce race and rivalry still exists between the Chinese car ET7 and Tesla.


China’s New Company: ET7 Ideal Model

For the first time, the Chinese company launches the electric car ET7 Ideal sedan in the world. This comes in light of the global race in the field of electric and high-tech cars. There is no doubt that cars are very distinguished for using remote sensing devices. However, this monitors safety signals and safe driving. One of the things that distinguishes this car is that these sensors are built-in ones. They are not devices that are purchased, installed or programmed on the car, but rather integrated. This did not come out of nowhere, but it comes inline with Tesla.

Competition with Tesla NIO-ET7-5

However, Tesla is the most dangerous competitor in the world of electric autos. Moreover, Tesla is working to market its impressive all-wheel drive car in the automotive world.

This precedence and competition aim to undoubtedly obtain more customers for each of the two competing companies. And sedans, especially electric cars.

Features of ET7

An important feature of this powerful competing car and the first in automotive science is the new-battery. The technology used in this battery supply it with energy. The ET7 Ideal uses Neo-battery, which in turn gives the car a longer crossing distance of more than 1,000 kilometres between each charge. And this long distance is less that many of the counterparts of this car can cross. Furthermore, the number of high technologies used in this car is unique. (NEO batteries) are some of the most expensive parts used and is long-lasting. Therefore, the price of this battery is not less than sixty-nine thousand dollars. In contrast to Tesla, Elon Musk, the ET7 uses remote sensing technology. This remote sensing-technology aims at collecting valuable and real-time information about the surroundings. In conclusion, ET7 is one of the interesting ideal autos ever present.


Bugatti: The Speed and Luxury

Bugatti is one of the best French cars that characterized by speed and luxury. Moreover, the car is unique from other cars in that it is sporty. It has an engine in the middle. This French company assembles these autos manually. So, this indicates luxury and precision in manufacture. In addition, to the high price of the car, many car owners prefer to buy it. The price of the car is 2.5 million euros. And that is why this car has a nicknamed “the car of kings”.

Bugatti Features bugatti interior

An important feature that distinguishes the French Bugatti is that its engine is 1500 horsepower. This number is double for many of its counterparts. The car is 4.34 meters long and 1.2 meters high. Moreover, the engine has 16 cylinders and 64 valves. With all these features, the Bugatti becomes the flagship and most famous car.

Interior and Exterior Design

The Bugatti car has distinctive interior and exterior design, which makes it very attractive. The front part is made of a large mesh shape to help the air to get in more. This improves the cooling process of the machine.

Not only that, but this helps to increase the speed of the auto. It is done by flowing the air easily through the front grids. On the sides of the car, there are semi-circular shapes that reflect the sporty look of the car. The rear part of the car has fixed wings. They, in turn, help provide the car with greater control. There is no doubt that the interior design of the car is very impressive. In fact, the seats have been professionally designed and take advantage of all the interior space. In conclusion, the Bugatti is a French-made elegant car, characterized by luxury and speed.

modern muscle

Muscle Autos in the UAE

Dodge Challenger Demon

Dodge Challenger Demon

During the recent time, muscle autos became very popular in the UAE. Muscle cars are American autos which have many characteristics that UAE youth like them. To begin with, muscle autos became very competitive among other the other autos for many reasons. One of these reasons is that they have powerful engine. Furthermore, this auto has a very aggressive exterior. This kind of autos-exterior demanded and required by many Emirates youth.

Some Top Muscle Auto

Of course, muscle autos do have many makes and styles. The first top one is Dodge Challenger Demon. This car supported by transmission break. In addition, it has only one seat. This novice style is not present in many other auto-makes. This car supported by 6.2 liter engine, as well as, a v-8 engine. The horsepower of this engine is 808 which make the car a mega-powered. Such kind of autos often used in racing. However, this is not the maximum limit. The horsepower of the engine can reach up to 840.


Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat


Another interesting muscle auto is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. It is one of the fierce autos listed in the American muscle autos.The engine is v-8 and the horsepower is 717, in addition, a torque power of 656. Furthermore, there is another thing that distinguishes this auto. It is the fact that it has an eight-speed transmission which is automatic. If you pay attention to the number of the characteristics of the car, you will realize something. You will realize that all of the numbers of the specifications are distinguished. To clarify more, observe these numbers: 808, 717 etc. The two previous mentioned autos are the most idealistic American muscle autos. All in all, the American muscle autos become very popular in the UAE specially for youth.

BMW M4 Competition 2021

BMW M4 Competition: Challenging Fantasy

One of the important up-to-date autos is BMW M4 Competition. This car in reality takes drivers from fact to a long journey of fantasy in driving. Furthermore, this car is a series of development. The previous M3, now, took this gigantic leap of development and it becomes M4. This kind of very quick and versatile development took place in this modern auto. The previous M3 manufactured in two forms: with two doors and with four doors as well. However, BMW M4 Competition is a result of lots of accumulated experience of auto manufacturers.

BMW M4 Competition Specifications BMW M4 2022 interior

BMW M4 Competition has a very high specifications that make it an out standing auto. Firstly, it has and engine of 24 straight-six turbo. The straight-six turbo engines are far better than the v6s and their counterparts. This is due to many reasons. Firstly, this engine has the characteristic of perfect balance. Secondly, the power of the torque is 550 Nm (406 Ib-ft). Thirdly, in terms of maintenance, it is cost-effective and easier to maintain that the others. The power liter is 151 ps and the power weight is 225 ps. All of these mentioned specifications make BMW M4 a very interesting car to own.

Why Should You Own It?

The first reason for why you should own one of this type is its cold start. The paint of the car is very waxy. This means that it will keep itself clean, sleeky and shiny for quiet long time. Most importantly, the internal and the external design of the car are so glamorous. The external appearance is eye-catchy while the internal design is water-proof. This silky texture helps a lot in keeping the internal part clean for so long. In conclusion, BMW M4 Competition is a tough competitor.

BMW M4 2022

BMW M4 New Generation

The design of the new BMW M4 new generation sparked widespread controversy among car enthusiasts. This absolutely amazing car has a very strange design that will amaze the eyes. Furthermore, there was no a previous design preceded this one. This includes both the interior and exterior of the new generation BMW M4. The car contains sensors and cameras one hundred and sixty degrees. Moreover, the competition sign located in the front of the car on the right-side of the driver. There are giant vents that exploited to cool the engine and provide the car with a beautiful sporty look.BMW M4 2022  interior


The car has the characteristic of a powerful three-turbo engine. It enables the machine to obtain strong torque and then drive the car’s four wheels. In addition, the car designed with six cylinders, which also helps to obtain more torque. Furthermore, the machine power is five hundred and ten horses on the competition version. As for the torque, it is six hundred and fifty Newtons. Therefore, this is a very large percentage that enables the car to control higher and smooth rotation even in narrow curves.

The iron wheels designed from very strong materials and a larger size. The side mirrors of the car made differently from the previous cars. So, this gives the car more beauty. In addition, the manufacturers made the roof of the carbo-fiber. It gives the roof strength and reduces weight of the car. Not only that, but the four smoke holes are also tonal. As for the gearbox, it is changed to a faster and more efficient type than before. The car has a sporty shape that makes it popular among different age groups. The design of the seats has very beautiful geometric shapes. In conclusion, this auto has no counterpart.


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MG Cyberster

MG Cyberster: Production Stage

The MG Cyberster is one of the full-electric cars that reached the stage of production. This car is very sleeky, elegant and sporty as well. However, the world is witnessing now the transition from fantasy to reality. Auto fans are waiting eagerly to see and own such kind of sporty, modern and fully-electric auto. Of course, General Motors GM designed this car. The reason behind designing and manufacturing such a car is to have a clear vision for the auto’s future. Furthermore, this auto became the storied British carmaker ever present. This auto became the novice cars trending for keeping fans up-to-date with cars’ technology and development.mg cyberster interior

MG has already made thousands of pledges, and they are all achieved. However, this is number 5000, which once again looks like fantasy. In order to know to what extend do people have interest in the car, they require $ 150 for booking. In other words, to book one of these unveiled autos, you should pay $150 in advanced. Some people may become spectacle about this amount of money for booking. However, the real intention behind this is to gauge peoples’ interest in the car before manufacturing. So, pay your tip and book your dream auto.

Specifications of MG Cyberster

Shedding the light on the general appearance of the car it is reddish. Furthermore, it is sporty and very light. It is very clear that the striking majority of auto fans do like sporty autos. on the other hand, the red color is to make the car distinguish and eye-catchy. Of course, the car will not be roadster, but it will be coupe. The extra full details of MG Cyberster are yet to be unveiled. To put it in a nut shell, MG Cyberster is incomparable to its counterparts.