For Disinfection Don’t Utilize Hydrogen Peroxide

There are many motorists that often utilize hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting their car’s parts. However, this kind of chemical proved by many scientists that it is very harmful. Furthermore, it damages the surface of your interior including screens and glasses of windows and the frontier one. In order to avoid such kind of harm and danger, use a sanitizer which many automakers recommend. In addition to this, do not depend solely on that, ask those how used a surface-sanitizer before. They will surely provide you with tested information and thorough experience.

Touch Screens

Of course, you may not face any problem related to cleaning other parts of your car, except touch screens. On the other hand, these kinds of parts require special way for cleaning as well as special glass-spray. The most important thing is not to rub hard against touch screens, because you will scratch them. Do not use any chemical, but utilize eyeglass cleaner. In addition to using a lint-free cloth. This kind of soft cloth help all screens in your car to remain unscratched. Ammonia is very damaging for your touch screens. Therefore, you should not clean touch screens with any solution that contain ammonia, because it is abrasive. Micro-fabric cloth is perfect to use for cleaning in general.



Many drivers believe that any kind of facemask can protect them against the virus. However, this is not true. A classic fabric cloth will not protect the person who wears it against contracting the virus. However, it can reduce the risk of someone who is infected form infecting others. Even the classic facial-mask sold at pharmacies is not genuine. Anyway, these are the most important things that all motorists should put into consideration. In conclusion, be safe and stay at home.

From Traditional Battery-powered Autos to Electric

Autos world goes from traditional battery-powered autos to electric ones. The reason behind this swift shift is power sources. In recent years, the striking majority of countries will go electric. You may ask why will the overwhelming majority of countries go electric? Simply, because of the swift change in power sources. The world seems to run out of petrol which supplies, now, about 90% of autos’ power. Furthermore, the world is in state of cold-war, in reference to, accessing natural power sources. These natural power sources are: petrol, gas and so many other secondary sources.

Idealistic Solution

As an ideal solution, electric cars appear to alleviate the problem that the world is suffering. However, there are many people believe that electric cars are not the perfect response to tangled problems. As the reality always lays somewhere in between, EVs are not the perfect solution. They have some pros as well as some cons. One of its pros is that it puts petrol aside, and it utilizes electric city. This is a perfect advantage. However, the advantages over take the disadvantages. Therefore, EVs will replace petrol-powered autos in the recent future.

EVs Pros

I mentioned previously that electric autos are reasonable substitute to petrol-powered ones. In manufacturing electric cars, auto makers have used novice technologies and up-to-date devices. These two things guarantee that passengers a very comfortable with electric cars. Referring to distance, EV can cross lots of mile with a battery fully charged. To clarify more, these types of autos can cross approximately six miles with a battery fully charged. In addition, the lightings of E-cars are totally different than the ordinary ones. The lightings can provide you double the quality of traditional autos. Anyhow, it is advisable for you to own an EV.

Biometric Vehicle Access: Autos Novice Innovation

There is a novice autos’ innovation named Biometric Vehicle Access. This kind of novice access says goodbye to traditional auto-lock. The main reason of the new development is to provide more safety and security for autos. How does that system work? It is simple, when the driver arrives near the car, it switches automatically. To put it very clear, the center-lock works by pressing that key. Instead of that the car senses its owner alone by the automatic connection from car to owner. However, there are some waves between the car and the key which the car owner holds.

Top Security

You may ask a question, what about if a thief stole the car? The answer is simple if a thief stole the auto, it will not switch on with him. This is because of the fact that there is another security check-point. That security check-point is finger print at the dashboard. To clarify more, when the driver approaches the car, s/he has to do the finger print. By doing this s/he can switch the car on and driver. However, there are two ways for locking on the car’s engine. The first one done by the finger-print and the second one done by eye -print.

Various Options

Even though, this is a smart way for generating more security, there are other perfect ones. The other wide diverse option is that you can adjust the locking-system to more than one eye/finger print. For instance, if a car owner has another partner, he can add her eye/finger to the system. Once her finger print is added to the system, she can use the car. What amusing system! To put it in a nut shell, autos’ novice central-lock is essential in enhancing security and it is trustable.

Autos Up-to-date Technology: Active Window

Autos world witness up-to-date new technologies such as Active Window Displays. This tech enables the driver to project distances that a head of him/her. However, this is the best way for displaying information without distracting drivers. In the past, there was a screen attached to the dashboard which presents information to the motorist. However, this way is very risky, because of the fact that it distracts the motorist. At the same time, it is a traditional way that auto-makers no longer use. Therefore, people should use the most recent technological autos’ aspect.

Huge Difference

The difference between the traditional and state-of-the-arts display method is incomparably huge. In ancient time, drivers have to look at the screen in order to know about the danger ahead. This is a kind of distraction itself, because of the fact that the driver has to ignore the road for a while. At this time, lots of difference will take place. As a result, a dreadful accident may happen, and the main goal remains unachieved. Now we can say that logically that this is not a safe way for informing drivers about an upcoming risk. There are another two methods remain.

Idealistic Method  

Previously, the ideal method for displaying information is through the dashboard. However, it is also imperfect idea. The suitable approach is the so-called Active Window Displays. This system enables screen shell to exhibit information about distances of road turns and so on clearly. So, the driver finds the information in front of him. There is no need to look at the dashboard or the screen attached to it. All road information is between your eyes! Accordingly, you will enjoy swift easy driving. To conclude, the Active Window Display is one of the most essential autos’ novice technology.

A Wide Array of Autos Technologies

Autos have a wide array of technologies that motorists can use to enjoy luxurious life. In the past, I was like a dream to formulate self-driving cars. However, with the brilliant auto makers and well-educated scientists, it became possible. One of the obstacles that faced auto maker is that any country has its own traffic rules. Therefore, there is no way for car-makers to manufacture a certain make for all countries, worldwide. As a result, they started to manufacture a wide diverse kind of autos. The main aim of this manufacturing diversity is to suit each countries’ road rules and conditions.

Some Dilemmas

There are many dilemmas that encounter automatic autos, such as, Mercedes S-class. It is clear that this is a German car with Germanic specifications. However, the testing of the self-driving type of this car took place in USA. At first, that car faced many problems in order to cope with the American driving environment. But what is the solution then? Should Germans modify it, in order to comply with the specification of American autos’ style? There answer is simply no. There are some radars and three cameras that are responsible for adjusting all that swift road changes.

Adjusting Different Conditions

This previous mentioned auto has the ability to adjust itself with road’s conditions. This is because of the radar system and the three cameras. They work interchangeably, in order to gather information, form the environment. The second step is to process these data and rapidly responds to it. In other words, the system of that car interprets that information, translating them to the fact ground. Maps and GPS are the guidance of that motor. To put it in a nut shell, drivers should just adjust their maps and that is all!!!

Be Aware of Infectious Car Parts

Any motorist should be aware of the infectious parts of cars. These infectious spots include interior and exterior ones. This awareness is very crucial, because it will help drivers to use a sanitizer when touching such areas. However, the best way to keep yourself safe is by staying at home. In the contrary, there are some people who should go outside to fetch food or medicine. In this case, they have to follow up some crucial advice. One of the most important advice, during this time of the pandemic is to minimize contact with people. You should avoid people in general and strangers in particular.


Some Exceptions

So far, we mentioned that motorists in general should avoid contact with strangers. However, if they have to accompany someone, they should make sure that s/he have not mild symptoms. In addition to this, drivers should wear a facial mask. For more protection, both of them should utilize a facial mask. This will guarantee safety for all of them, i.e. passenger and drivers alike.  Going beyond this, drivers should now the contact number of every one who were there with them. This is very helpful. In case, the driver later discovered that there was someone who was infected during the journey. The contact details will assist in tracing back all accompanied passengers.


Imaginary Safety

Many auto drivers believe that driving is a perfect way to be isolated. On the contrary, it is not. At the end, a car is like a room which means that all people are in one atmospheric zone. Therefore, this practice of safety distance should remain as it is, i.e. more than two meters. Till now, these are the most essential things that drivers should put into consideration. Finally, stay at home safely.

Autos’ Interior Parts for Disinfection

There are many autos’ interior parts that drivers should disinfect. So far, we discussed, in general, the importance of keeping safety distance to prevent transmission of Covid19.  The main parts which are used while driving are the most infectious parts. They are five: the steering wheel, the klatch, the brake the accelerator and the gearstick. However, the three later mentioned parts are not so problematic. This is because of the fact that motorists press them by their feet. On the other hand, the most dangerous parts are the ones that drivers press them by their hands. These parts include the steering wheel, gear stick, wind wiper and pointers.


According to the previous mentioned information, auto-drivers should sanitize that positions carefully and frequently. The question is what kind of sanitizer people should use? In general, any kind of liquid that kills germs is useful in cleaning that areas. In order to guarantee a perfect way of combating Corona virus in that positions, you have to use effective sanitizer. Not less than seventy percent of alcohol solution should show up in your spray or sanitizer. The so-called isopropyl alcohol will not clean your cars’ surface and infected areas effectively. This kind of spay often used by many automakers to sanitize autos before the pandemic showed up.

Ideal Hygiene

In order to make sure that you are using an ideal hygiene, clean all car by a seventy percent alcohol solution. Clean areas that are constantly touched by you as a driver and by passengers as well.  However, the most effective clean solvent you use, the better result you get. For supply, there are many cleaning-solutions that lots of distributors give for free. Moreover, that was clear on roads. In conclusion, following ideal hygiene is the way out.

Autos New Inventions Hits The World

There is a wide array of autos new inventions that hit the world every month. This reached the extent that some motorists are unable to cope with these novice inventions. In this blog, we are going to explore these recent autos’ technology. To start with, World of technologies are very important aspect of modern societies. The most civilized society is the one that utilizes a diversity of technological devices. They are essential in our life because of the fact that they save us time, effort and money. Therefore, people in general and motorists in specific should care about these technological devices. Hence, they will enjoy easy and luxurious life.

Gesture’s Devices

There is an App that makes it easy for your car to understand your gestures. Hence, no need for you to do the action yourself. You need just to make a gesture, and your car will, immediately, implement your order. For instance, if you would like to increase the volume of the radio, scroll your hand in the air near it.  As a result, the radio increases the radio’s volume. The reverse is true for decreasing the sound of the radio. Another interesting example, you can repeat the same previous process for switching off lamps.

Automatic Driving

The second invention is self-driving cars. It is true that people spend much time commuting from a place to another. They can better make use of their time and effort by utilizing a self-driving car. If they do so, they will probably spare lots of time and effort. They do not need to concentrate on road, avoiding rear cars and paying attention to back ones. Furthermore, they can accomplish their work during the journey. In conclusion, there is a wide array of technologies for motorists to choose from.

Ramadan Car Offer For 2020 In Dubai, UAE

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Up-to-date Autos’ Innovations for Drivers

There are many up-to-date autos’ innovations for drivers to enjoy. One of these innovations is the Sealey Dent Puller. The Sealey dent puller is a very simple device used to get rid of miner dents on cars’ body. In many minor accidents, there is no need to carry out lots car’s body maintenance. Drivers themselves can carry out this minor job of maintenance area in fractions of seconds. Doing this will get them to make use of their money as well as time. However, the air suction dent puller can perform the job of body maintenance perfectly.

Dent Puller Structure

The air suction dent puller has a very simple structure. The main parts of it are; vascular-shaped object, air sucker and a propelling stick. In order to fix the dent, motorists should adjust the vascular-shaped object into the dented area of the car. After that, they should press on the key of air suction. Finally, they should pull out the moveable part of the main stick. Immediately the dented area become fixed. This happens when the dent on the car’s body is not very curved. In the case of curved dents, the air suction dent puller will not function well.

Tailgate Seats

Have you ever heard about tailgate seats? The name is explanatory just like tailgate lights which mean back lights. This kind of seats are additional. Their location is the back of the car. They give drivers additional space. However, motorists can park their car and enjoy seating at these seats. In these seats there are some places to accommodate a cup of juice or tea as well as food. However, it is dangerous to use the seats while the car is moving. Furthermore, these seats can also accommodate large water containers and so on.