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Selling Your Car?

We simply buy any car, at any condition. Sell your car to us and enjoy an instant payment.

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Buy Your Dream Car?

If you do not find a car, just provide us with your specifications. We will do that instantly.

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Trade-in with your Car

With us, you can change your car with any other one. Get more cash or a better car than yours.

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Wondering how much your car is worth?

In easy 3 steps: Evaluate your car online > book an appointment > complete the sale

With Simply Car Buyers, enjoy three services: Selling, Buying and Trading-in Cars.

Sell Your Car

Sell Your Car

Simply Car Buyers buys any car in 25 minutes only. We buy any car regardless of its conditions.

Buy a Car In Dubai

Buy a Car

If you do not find a car, just provide us with your specifications. We will do that instantly.

Trade in you car


With us, you can change your car with any other one. Get more cash or a better car than yours.

Three steps to sell your car in Dubai
In easy 3 steps:

Evaluate your car online, book an appointment and complete the sale.

Simply we buy any car, regardless of its condition. We offer you a reasonable price in just 25 minutes.

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  • It's quick

    takes up just 25 minutes or less to sell your car.

  • It's effective

    we offer reasonable rates and a fair price for your car and once we give you a quote, we stick to it; no messing you around!

  • It's instant

    you can choose how you want to be paid, whether that's by cash, cheque or bank transfer

  • It's time-saving

    no waiting to make appointments with car viewers or haggle with time wasters!

  • It's simple

    only a minimal amount of paperwork is required

  • It's guaranteed

    we buy absolutely any car, regardless of the condition it is in. We even buy cars that are still under car finance.

  • It's free

    we offer a free online valuation tool for ease and a free car inspection, with no cost for advertising your car.

  • It's seamless

    We instantly transfer ownership to remove your ownership risk. This removes any worry of getting summons or fines from another driver

Looking for a car

Find your dream car

You are wondering about buying a car, right? Simply Car Buyers provides you with a wide-range of options of cars in Dubai. What all you need just to review our cars list.

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buy a car hassle Free

If you don’t find what you are wondering about, provide us with your car’s specifications; our team will put that car between your hands in some minutes. Save your time and effort with us.

Ford Fusion 2012
10,000 AED
93,534 KM
Full Option
Nissan Sunny 2015
10,500 AED
141,600 KM
Mitsubishi Pajero 2014
28,000 AED
177,233 KM
Full Option

Trade In With Your Car

In only three simple steps, trade in your car and get the car that satisfies your need. Our Trade-in service is simple, instant, safe and cost-effective.

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Find a Car

You can easily find the car you are looking for by simply reviewing our auctions. If you didn’t find what you want, provide us with your car’s specifications.


Valuate Your Car

Provide us your car’s specifications, we will evaluate it online for free.


Book an Appointment

You need to book an appointment at the nearest branch for a free car inspection and finalize the deal.

TRADE IN WITH YOUR CAR NOWIt couldn't be simpler!

Skip the hassle, sell your car with Simply Car Buyers

Fast service, instant payment - you can sell any car in Dubai at Simply Car Buyers!
Simply Car Buyers is quick, guaranteed and simple - which is why so many private car sellers in Dubai and the UAE now prefer us.

Selling your car in Dubai via listing websites

When you want to sell a car, Dubai has plenty of listing websites on offer. You need to register and manually place an advertisement with quality photos, an enticing description and your contact details. Once your listing is approved and live, anyone who wants to buy a used car in the UAE will contact you directly, set up a meeting and negotiate on price. There is no guarantee of a sale via this route and it can take some time. Many people comment on these disadvantages with listing websites:

  • No guarantee of a sale

    In other words, you'll likely run into time wasters trying to force the price of your car down - with no real intention of buying.

  • The cost of listing your car on the website

    Every listing website charges a fee, and this can rack up quite quickly if you list through different sites.

  • Dealers pretend to be end-users

    Dealers sometimes disguise themselves as genuine buyers who then attempt to find things 'wrong' with the car in order to force a lower price from you.

  • Fussy buyers!

    No one wants to be contacted at all times of the day by strangers. This can go on for some time too, as it can take anything from 2 weeks to several months typically to sell car in UAE.

Selling your car to car dealers and showroom

Through this route, you will need to visit car showrooms across the city and attempt to persuade them to buy your car from you. These showrooms tend to be concentrated in various parts of Dubai, so you can pick between second-hand car dealerships and agency showrooms. It requires you to travel, engage in direct negotiations and act as your own salesperson. However, there are various considerations to weigh up:

  • Lack of service

    Car dealers are likely to offer you a great service when you contact them to sell car UAE.

  • Payment and transfer processes can be slow when selling to the end user

    Rapid payment for your car isn't guaranteed and the dealer will typically endeavour to delay the payment until they have found a buyer for the vehicle. This can be incredibly frustrating when the vehicle has already changed hands!

  • Delays in paperwork

    Dealers will also delay transferring the car ownership to the buyer's name to save a little time and money. This can lead to severe issues, with a new owner driving the sold vehicle while it is registered in your name. If they commit any driving offences, you may still be liable for fines - and suddenly your mission to sell your car becomes extremely complicated!

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With SimplyCarBuyers, the entire process is designed to be slick, quick and as simple as possible for you - the customer. You can save an awful lot of time and fuss by using SimplyCarBuyers and sell your car in UAE instantly and for a fair price.

So in conclusion, don't find yourself wasting time with shady dealers, time wasters, people who don't want to pay a fair price and strangers who call you in the small hours of the morning! Save yourself the time, expense and frustration of the old-fashioned car sale methods, and instead use a service that is designed around customers and which puts you in control.

At SimplyCarBuyers, you tell us about your car, we give you a price and you decide if you want to accept it - no pressure or obligation. If you do go ahead with the sale, the cash will be paid to you instantly, the sale transfer will go through immediately and your old car will be taken off your hands rapidly - leaving you with cash to spare and to spend as you please!

Use our online valuation tool or contact us now - it couldn't be simpler.

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