Green Cars V.s Classic Autos

So far, the invention of classic cars revolutionized the way people travel. Therefore, people started to use modern means of transportation. However, there is a huge gap between that and the appearance of green cars. Anyhow, green cars here do not refer to green colored cars! But they rather refer to electric autos. In order to bridge this gigantic gab, there are lots of things to be done. Cars in the past as so few, but gradually their number increased more and more. Therefore, there is a problem that started to show off. This problem related to the environment.

Hygienic Atmosphere  

Many years ago, the weather was so fine during all seasons. However, gradually it started to get polluted. Not only modern countries suffered from this problem but the whole world as well. Accordingly, many countries started to combat this complex problem. As an initiative, some countries like the UK Road Traffic Authority taxes companies that manufacture gasoline-powered autos. On the contrary, some other countries tax motorists who own petrol-powered cars. However, this is not fair, because of the fact that such kind of cars should not be produced. It is illogical for car manufacturers to produce such kind of cars then the traffic authority taxes them.



Another Reasonable Alternative

The best way for combating the problem of global warming is to stop producing petrol-powered autos. On the other hand, this may be a difficult decision to take. Many car manufacturers depend on the production of those cars. If the Road Traffic Authorities took this decision, the problem global warming hopefully will fade away. Not so many motorists and car manufacturer would agree with such decision. It may become very hard for many people to give up using petrol-powered cars. This is because of their worse financial situation.