How to choose best tires for car

Car tires are one of the very important parts that must be chosen with care and make sure that the tires are suitable for the car so that it can walk with ease and be balanced on the road.

Tires are the vehicle’s means of contact with the ground

Tire sizes differ from one car to another, and there are many types of tires that you can use, but the most important thing is the quality of the tire that you want to use and pay attention to the road you are driving on,

because off-road conditions are suitable for the quality of certain tire in order to maintain the smooth running of the car.

tiresHow do you choose your car tires?

Reading tire symbols

Each car tire comes with a symbol written on the tire, and these symbols help you to know the appropriate size.

You will find the tire size written near these symbols, for example:

– P indicates that the tire is for passenger cars

– Next to the tire type, you will find a number showing the width of the tire

– Tire dimensions are indicated by symbols such as R15 and R20

– The last letter in the tire indicates the appropriate speed, for example H 210 means the maximum speed 210.


Know the history of the tire’s manufacture

Knowing the date is very important in order to avoid tires that have been stored for many years and that may

quickly deteriorate just by walking with them. You will find the date of manufacture in a different way, for example, you will find the date in this way 4016, and this indicates that the date of manufacture is April month of the year 2016. Therefore, you must pay close attention before purchasing the tire.

The importance of choosing good car tire

Taking care of the tire is no less important than any other part of the car, and you should be aware that unsuitable

tires pose a danger to you and all the passengers in the car, and sometimes the tires explode.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the tires of the car and pay attention to reviewing the tire air pressure, and most importantly, your choice of tires suitable for the size of the car.