Ioniq Engine Performance and Transmission

It is undoubtedly true that autos’ engine performance and transmission matter. The fully electric and cost-effective car Ioniq did this through a very long run and quest. The engine of Ioniq is on hundred thirty four horse power. Furthermore, it depends on front wheels propulsion via transmission drive of single speed. However, Tesla still holding the leading strips for Ioniq to reach that level this requires devoting efforts from Hyundai. Once again Ioniq may not reach the level of electric vehicle experience as Tesla, but it is very close to normal.

Extra Ideal Features

There is wide range of idealistic features related to Ioniq. Firstly, it has a light weight which is essential in boosting many other features. Having light weight helps in reducing power consumption. In other words, the battery of Ioniq can stay for quiet long mileages rather than many other electric vehicles. In the contrary, the gravity of this car has reduced because of the light weight. This is not a big deal. The weight of the driver, passengers and goods will bring about reasonable gravitational weight to gain more control. As It showed up very high speed and performance, it needs a perfect braking system combating this speed swiftly.

Ioniq Iconic Braking System

It is true that there is diverse kind of autos with perfect braking system. However, Ioniq has left all these autos behind. Slowing dowing during normal driving does not require high braking system performance. Unlike all other up to date autos, It has supported its braking system with a regenerative braking system. This system controlled by steering wheel mounted paddles. When the car is in top gear drive the regenerative braking system has four various setting drivers can shift from one to another on purpose.