Iveco Anaconda: Efficient Wild-roads Navigation

Iveco Anaconda is one of the efficient wild-roads navigators ever present worldwide. It is a four-by-four auto which is multipurpose. However, one of the most important characteristics that distinguishes this auto is its efficiency. In addition, it has very high specifications that the striking majority of other autos have not. Shedding the light on weight capacity, it can hold about 2.5 tons. There are a lot of storage space that you can use. The location of the storage space is on the dashboard and the other is on the roof.

Fascinating Features

The tyres of this auto are outstanding and they resist against many tyres’ hurdles. However, other autos encounter many problems when driving off-road. They may get flatten as a result of a small sharp metal. The same is not true for Iveco Anaconda. Since this car designed for off-road navigation, it has a special seating system. This system has a shock-absorb. By clicking a button, it floats the seat upon a loopy ring, which absorbs the shaking. This is a very important feature that so many other autos opponents lack. The feature of four-wheels drive is of a great significance. Because it enables the car to move even with three wheels.

The engine is 3.0L turbo diesel with a torque of 134kw/430Nm. Another interesting feature of Iveco Anaconda is that it has a drivetrain of full-time four-by-four low-range transfer case. The transmissional system of Iveco Anaconda is 6-speed manual transmissional system. Last but not lease, the weight is 2.990kg. To put it in a nutshell, Iveco Anaconda is a perfect four-by-four auto that is worth a price. Focusing on road traction, this auto has a very high road traction. Accordingly, it can move against any type of surface. This feature is pretty important.