Rimac Nevera: Top Sport Autos

One of the top sport autos is Rimac Nevera. However, this auto is very expensive, only those who are rich enough can buy it. This auto is an electric one. It has a perfect impounding design. Furthermore, this car is aerodynamic – therefore, the wings at the back can divert. You can divert the wings of the car to any direction to increase the speed of the car. Or in other words, to help flowing the air smoothly during fast driving. Surprisingly, there are two wings, one on the boot and the other is under the boot.

An Outstanding Design

Rimac Nevera has an outstanding design in many terms. Firstly, there is a slot on the hood of the car that functions as a cooler. It cools the engine and all front machines. However, sometimes the weather gets hotter. In this case, this slot is not helping. Fortunately, you can close this hole if the weather is very hot. The company manufactured the striking majority of this car’s parts form Carbone fiber. This kind of metal is light but very strong. Anyhow, the overall design of Rimac Nevera looks very special.

There are lots of driving moods of which you can choose from. The sport mood is the most desired mood of sporty autos. Rimac Nevera is a very instant auto, you can drive it smoothly through well paved ways. This auto is very powerful, its power reaches 1.4 MW, 1.914 hp with torque of 2.360 nm. Furthermore, it accelerates instantly moving from zero to 300 km an hour in just 9.3 seconds. This is a kind of usual speed the top speed is 412 km an hour.  Final the capacity of the battery is 120 kWh. All in all Rimac Nevera is a fascinating auto.