Lexus IS 500: High Efficiency

One of the cars that has the characteristics of high efficiency in performance is the Lexus IS 500. It is a small sedan, but it is very efficient. Comparing this car to its counterparts from Mercedes and other cars. What distinguishes this car is that it has a V8 with a capacity of 5 liters and a power of 472 horsepower. Moreover, such machines specially designed for large cars. However, since the Lexus ES is a small car and powered by such an engine. The main feature is that this car is sporty and has a very beautiful design. Not only that, this design gives the car a dynamic movement that helps increase its performance.

A perfect Design

Although the Lexus IS 500 having the same design as the previous one, it has high efficiency. The front shape of the car is a square grille with two triangles on the right and left. The main lights of the car are hostile, resembling the eyes of a tiger. Moreover, the car has four exhausts. There are some bumps on the sides, which reflect a beautiful industrial touch. Furthermore, the counters in the front can move forward and backward to draw the driver’s attention to alert.

Many of the interior and exterior designs of the Lexus AS inspired by F-Sport. The seats are all beautifully and solidly woven, as are the doors. There is not much disturbance other than the engine’s sound. The reason is that the engine of this small car is big. However, this sound reduced by placing a sound dampening system on the four exhausts. In addition, the presence of four exhausts means that there are four outlets for the machine. So, this reduces the sound. In conclusion, the Lexus ES is a high-performance sports car.