Light Tech in the UAE

Have you ever thought that one day cars can be able to talk? Digital light technology has made it possible to happen. With this kind of distinguished technology motorists become able to talk with other drivers and pedestrians. Not only this, but it is also a source of information for the driver himself/herself. For instance, through light the car informs the driver about the remaining distance in turns. This enables drivers to enjoy a higher level of safety.

High Interaction

The integration of a headlamp, thousands of micromirrors and intelligent logic control unit grantees this effective communication. If a pedestrian is hesitant to cross the road the driver through light can draw a zebra crossing. However, many of them became astonished from this state-of-the-arts system. This in turn adds another higher level of safety. Furthermore, the auto is supported by a lot of sensors that collects information about the surroundings. The system quickly analyzes the information and interprets it in a form of information shown by light. Of course, this assists drivers to take decision swiftly.

Optimum Vision

No doubt that with this stylish technology roads become crystal clear to drivers. Furthermore, this light guide driver when navigating narrow roads. What is surprising is that light traces can be detected in order to know missing roads. This is another unique feature which enables motorists to know what they have missed to navigate from maps.

To put it in a nutshell, digital light technology has bridged the gab between drivers and their surroundings. It promoted safety on roads. With Maybach nothing is impossible.