Manual and Automatic Transmission Systems

There are various autos transmission systems: manual and automatic. Many people have the ability to decide which type of these two options is best for them. In this article, we review the advantages and disadvantages of both different car transmission systems. The difficulty in preferring either system lies in the fact that each has high importance and capabilities. And it is appropriate according to the nature of the lands of the region. For driving in cities, there is no doubt that owning a car with an automatic-transmission is better. First, driving in cities requires this type of transmission for many reasons. First, cities are crowd, so driving characterized by frequent stopping. And for this reason, many car-drivers prefer the automatic transmission because it does all the shifting. Secondly, the automatic transmission reduces a lot of burden on the driver. And the driver only has to press the accelerator and control the car’s braking pedal. In addition, the automatic navigation system is very precise. This means that the system prepares the car’s engine in preparation for acceleration and braking as well. This, in return, helps extend the service life of the transmission and the machine equally. However, the disadvantage of this system is that it is not effective when driving on rough roads.

Manual System



On the other hand, the manual system has features that not found in its counterpart – the automatic-system. First, this system characterized by a high-control capacity, meaning that everything is under the control of the-driver. When driving on rough-and-muddy-roads, for example, he can control the-use of heavy-gears by pressing the accelerator. This process enables the car to produce greater momentum, enabling it to get out of this muddy road. On the other hand, this system is not effective in cities crowded with cars.