Masar Project Dubai Red Metro Line 2020

Do not be surprised if you find yourself able to move in a top gear drive in the southern part of Dubai as the project that has been launched in 2013 is about to be accomplished. It is the most essential project ever present in the history of the region. It is a 438-hectare area dedicated to 2020 events. Most importantly, this Metro Line will connect participants, innovators, policymakers, tourists, etc. around the world. It is a five-stage project which will extend the established Dubai Metro Red Line to the Expo 2020 site. Furthermore, the project will serve various existing mixed-use high-density corridors in southern Dubai.

Most national and international engineers were mesmerised taking part in the Route 2020 project establishment. People form different parts of the world flood to Dubai for different purposes and this is why it is well known by being a cosmopolitan city. For this reason, the peak traffic jam is not a novice idea to any one visiting this attractive place. As a result, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) exerted as much effort as possible to overcome this problem. The main essential components of the project will serve several existing mixed-use high-density corridors in Dubai South, in addition to newly planned transit-oriented developments along the line. It includes the following components:

First: A 15-km-long alignment consisting of 11.8 km of elevated guideways and 3.2 km of tunnel

Second: Seven LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold stations consisting of one interchange station, three elevated stations, two underground stations, and the special-event Expo Iconic Station

Third: Fifty additional trainsets (15 for the Route 2020 project and 35 to further improve service and expand capacity on the existing Red Line)

Fourth: Expansion of the Jebel Ali Depot accommodating the new rolling stock

Fifth: Construction of three new main power supply (MPS) stations and one additional traction power supply station (TPS)

When you arrive at Dubai International Airport the new line will provide you a single-seat journey to Expo 2020 site. What is promising is that the new Rout will probably extends to the Al Maktoum International Airport and provide direct connectivity by your vehicle between both international aviation hubs of Dubai.