Mercedes to launch new 53 series

For many years, Mercedes-AMG’s 63-series has been home to the manufacturer’s most sophisticated and desirable vehicles. However, cars in the 63-series have substantial price-tags, meaning that many drivers can’t afford to invest in them. Drivers who don’t have the budget for a 63-series car will be delighted to hear that Mercedes is launching a new ‘53’ range that offers similar levels of luxury as the 63-series at a more affordable price. The company’s goal is to bridge the gap between their standard models and their high-end ‘63’ cars. But what can drivers in the UAE expect from the new range?

Mercedes Benz AMG 53

The main appeal of the 53-series lies in its cutting-edge technological features. Every model in the upcoming range will use a new type of mild-hybrid engine. This engine can stop when its car comes to a halt and start again instantly and imperceptibly when it starts moving, thereby conserving petrol without disrupting the driving experience. The technology even allows vehicles to ‘glide’ with the engine stopped, provided it is safe to do so. Additionally, cars in the 53 series will use an intelligent, computer-monitored four-wheel drive system that can distribute torque between the wheels in order to provide the optimal driving experience.

The motor that will be used in the 53-series is capable of producing 429bhp of horsepower and 520Nm of torque. It is also fitted with a special electric starter-generator that adds 250Nm of torque when the vehicle starts moving along with an extra 21bhp of horsepower.

UAE drivers can expect the new range to appear in dealerships later this year. Here at Simply Car Buyers, we’re excited to see what models the manufacturer will add to the series. We know that the first cars in the range will be the CLS 53 and the E 53, but we’re certain Mercedes plans to add more.

If you currently own a standard Mercedes vehicle and want to upgrade to one from the 53 series, we can help you raise the money you need and make room on your driveway. We’re happy to buy any car, including yours, so get in touch with us today.