Mercedes Unique Intelligent Design

One of the best cars with unique intelligence in design is Mercedes. It made a great leap in intelligent design. The front grille of the car is larger, giving it an additional superior beauty. In addition, there are many fingerprints that added to this car, which made it look more beautiful and stronger. Shedding the light on the headlights, they are excellent and wonderful. Not only that, there are three layers of lighting reinforcement around the main headlights. One of the unique things that distinguishes Mercedes is that there is a light strip. It starts from the front lights of the car and ends with the rear ones.

Strength, Beauty and Speed

Mercedes cars combine strength, speed and beauty, they are very powerful cars. It is known that at least ninety-nine percent of the world’s presidents ride Mercedes cars. Referring to the speed, one of the fastest cars in the world is Mercedes, as well as, other German autos. Shedding the light on beauty, we already know some of the aesthetic features. For instance, the light strip extending from the beginning to the end of the car. By the way, this strip does not end only outside, but inside the car there is a long strip.

Interior Design

There are two large screens inside, one for driver and the other for attendant. And since the screen size is large, this helps the driver to get information faster. On top of that, there is a speaker that mounted on the ceiling and has a lighted bar as well. It is so awesome. Honestly, this car is very amazing and makes everyone who rides it wish they would never leave it. In other words, you feel as if you are at home, complete comfort and reassuring as well.