Myth behind BMW Naming

The origin of BMW Naming Myth dates back to decades ago. However, the main specialty of it is in the field of aircraft manufacturing, not cars. Thereof, the company got involved in the automobile industry for a long time. In fact, the company began working in this field since 1929, the date of its inception. So, the idea of ​​​​engaging in the automotive industry is a deferred plan. At the time, the company was not so interested in the luxury car industry. The origin of the word in English BMW Naming is an abbreviation of these words Bayerische Motoren Werke. This refers to the acronym Bavarian Motor Company. The founder of BMW , Carl Gustavo Utem, brought back the idea of ​​focusing on the automobile-industry agian.

Automobile Manufacturing

And soon the company went to the field of automobile manufacturing and found a great resonance. Furthermore, BMW has dominated the luxury and power car market for a long time till now. This occurred as a result of the accumulated experience in the engine industry. The BMW logo represents the nature of the aircraft field. For the logo contains four parts of fan like structure. It consists of two primary colors, white and blue. The main reason that prompted BMW to enter the field of cars is the lack or end of demand for aircraft engines. The company indulged into a severe financial crisis that threatened its existence.

The company manufactured the Austin Seven starting by fifteen thousand autos. They have engine capacity of only twenty horsepower. The BWM car found great popularity and acceptance all over Europe. Surprisingly, the speed of the car was only eighty kilometers per hour. Moreover, this was BMW’s first savior of the company and the reason for its survival. Since then, the company became world record-breaking cars.