NASA Investigating: Tesla Playing While Driving

NASA investigates the use of video games while driving. Driver may read this message from the dashboard’s screen, “The vehicle is in motion for passengers only.” This feature is available to passengers since the year 2000 in some Tesla cars. Therefore, NASA investigates aims to find out the effect of this feature on the driver. The investigation targeted the games that were available from the year 2017 to the year 2000. Furthermore, the investigation found that this feature was the cause of the death of 3000 people. Since then the attention in driving enhanced to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers alike. It is necessary to find an appropriate solution to this dilemma.

Autos Manufacturers: Passengers’ Relaxation

Autos’ manufactures care about the importance of passengers to secure their selling rate. In addition, they want to guarantee that the largest number of their cars sold into the market smoothly. However, leaving this feature available to everyone is risky while driving. On the other hand, safety of drivers and passengers is of paramount importance. In addition, their luxury freedom is important too. There are some solutions to satisfy the needs of both parties – combining safety and comfort. First, passengers should reduce game sounds to a minimum. Secondly, they should use wired and wireless headphones. Moreover, many people become accustomed to using these headphones may fall victims of hearing-lose.

However, there is another dilemma- the game may cause excitement and passengers indulge in laughing and commenting. This, in turn, affects the driver and thus becomes unable to fully concentrate in driving. More dangerously, it may cause a traffic accident that puts both autos at risk causing death. In conclusion, passengers can enjoy playing games while the car is in motion only driving automated mood.