New Jeep Grand Cherokee

Autos are various in many terms and aspects; however, New Jeep Grand Cherokee is unique. Shedding the light on the front part, it has a harmonious design. There are LED lights in three shapes in each side. Furthermore, there are LED lights on the grids also which is functional. The central grid has seven slots encircled with a silver color. To add up more, the central slot houses the cameras; while, the other parts secret the sensers. In the lower portion, there is another grid made out of three slots. The one in the right-hand side secrets the I-tow.

More About the Design

The hood is so stylish with the Jeep badge on the front-center. The angularity is crystal-clear on the sides of the hood. Furthermore, the wheels are gigantic and well-designed. The designers increased the width of the wheel to improve its performance. This, in turn, improves the terrain. The shape of the wheels is very unique with five slots. The color of the slots is silver with internal blackish decoration. Referring to the overall color of the auto, it is black on top and white in bottom. The designers struck a kind of harmony between the two colors by a strip running above windows. There is a trim on the side mirror with a flashing LED light.

Further Design and Specifications

Shedding the light on the back of the auto, it is elegant with the badge of Jeep. This badge is parallel with the plate-number. On the left-hand side, there is silver badge written on it 4 by 4. On both sides, there is aluminum decorative simi-rectangular shapes. Shedding the light on specs, Jeep Grand Cherokee has a front-engine and four-door wagon. The engine is 24-valve, V-6 with a power of 293 hp and 6400 rpm.