Rimac Nevera: Speed, Efficiency, Challenge

Rimac Nevera is a speedy ​​car, high efficiency, challenge and high performance. The overall shape of the car depends on the type of mode the driver chooses. One of the most amazing things is that the car changes with every situation. So, when we say change, we do not mean a change in efficiency, speed, etc. However, we mean in the exterior shape of the car. It shaped according to the mode selected by the driver. Not only that, but the car also distributes power according to the selected mode. For example, in general mode, the car splits power. It splits it to 50 percent to the front and 50 percent to the rear. And on this approach, the car changed the distribution of energy use.

Sporty Mode of Rimac

Quickly activated, the aerodynamic wings appear at the rear that attach to the suspension. Not only that, torque deflection systems also rely on these aerodynamic wings. There is also a button to control the rear and front torque. However, this depends on the nature of the road in terms of bends and ground. In addition, there are a lot of modifications to improve the efficiency and performance of the car.

Rimac Specifications and Features

The car has high specifications as mentioned before. The car has only two doors that open to the top. In addition, there are coolers on the four tires. They in turn cool the tires from friction during high-speed driving. To add up more, the car is completely electric. The torque is 3600 Nm and 1914 horsepower. The battery capacity is 120 watts per hour.

All these specifications enable the car to perform an effective and high performance. Finally, the Rimac Nevera is an electric car that is almost unparalleled by other cars.