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New revised Speed limits for roads in UAE

Abu Dhabi Police announced on Wednesday to discontinue the additional 20KMph speed buffer thruoughout UAE.

It was announced via social media, that starting from August 12 2018, all speed limits will be changed, and speed buffer will be removed.

Dubai RoadsCurrently, most roads have a buffer motorists can travel upto 20kmph faster than what is advertised as the speed limit without getting a fine.

From August 12, drivers which happen to be travelling on a road which has a speed limit of 100 kph, will be fined if their speed becomes 101kph.

This decision has been based on some recent traffic safety studies, which aims to increase the safety levels in Abu Dhabi.

It was also told that the studies invloved in helping make this decition also included a traffic survey which identified driver behaviours as per the road’s speed limit, and compared the same with standard speed limits and buffers with other countries that have achieved outstanding results in traffic safety levels.

UAE’s leadership is strongly interested in the safety of road users, while providing the best standards in road planning & infrastructure projects and utilising latest international systems and practices, in order to save drivers lives from traffic accidents.