Window Tint UAE

New law allows UAE motorists to tint windows and beat the heat

The use of tinted windows in vehicles has always been controversial, no matter what country you are driving in. Window tints are designed to limit the amount of light and heat that enters through the windows and windscreen. However, the darker the tint, the less visibility the driver has and the more dangerous the vehicle becomes. Striking a balance is crucial, and laws in most nations restrict window tinting to light tints that don’t compromise safety.

However, motorists in the UAE have been campaigning for darker tints in vehicle windows, and a new law passed last summer which permits tinting on all windows to 50% – with the exception of the windscreen. Windscreen tinting is permitted, up to a maximum level of 30%. These changes have been brought in under the revised Federal Traffic Law 2017, and they have been welcomed by motorists and by workshop engineers.

Drivers will still face a fine of AED 1,000 for breaches of the law. Fines rise in accordance with the extent of the breach. Auto workshop owners and workers need to be aware of the law and ensure that any window tints they apply do not exceed the 50% limit. It is important to choose a reputable and reliable auto shop for window tint work, as a poorly applied tinting film can warp and distort, reducing vehicle visibility. Most tints applied by professionals are guaranteed for several years.

Window tinting reduces the heat inside the vehicle, making driving safer and more comfortable. The tints also filter out some of the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, which are dangerous to the skin. Window tints are recommended for anyone driving in hot conditions. They do reduce visibility – especially at night – so drivers using window tints must be extra vigilant when they take to the road. In the daytime, window tints can reduce the glare from the bright sun. On balance, window tints could lead to a reduction in the overall road accident rate.

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