New Salik Law: Enhancing Road Safety

This new Salik law issued at the end of last year, which developed to enhance road safety. This law aims to enhance road security and safety and improve the driving experience for drivers. The new Salik law includes many amendments aimed at regulating traffic. And it also  maintains the safety of all motorists and pedestrians on public roads. Among the most prominent regulations of the new law is, first, the increase in penalties. Penalties for traffic violations codified with the aim of tightening control over reckless drivers. Higher fines imposed for serious violations, such as exceeding the speed limit. Also RTA issue hefty fines for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Secondly, applying technology to monitor violations. The new law uses advanced technologies to monitor traffic violations. For instance, they use surveillance cameras and a license plate analysis system for vehicles committing traffic violations. This, in-return, works to increase the efficiency of monitoring violations and tightening-control over drivers who violate traffic-laws. Moreover, this law curbs reckless drivers and makes them abide by traffic laws and regulations.

Enhancing Pedestrian Security and Safety

It is of great importance to enhance the safety and security of pedestrians and bicycles. This is due to the risk of injury to them, which is always great. Within the new Salik law, special focus placed on protecting this important segment, pedestrians and cyclists. Measures to protect pedestrians also strengthened and roads made safer for them. This happened by implementing special pedestrian lanes and allocating lanes for cyclists. Furthermore, traffic culture strengthened coupled with increased penalties. The new law aims to enhance traffic-culture and increase awareness of the importance of adhering to traffic-rules/regulations. Awareness and education campaigns implemented for drivers and pedestrians with the aim of changing irresponsible behavior on-roads. The new Salik law in the UAE also aims to improve the traffic system, tighten control over drivers. Moreover, it increases traffic safety for everyone.