Opel Grandland 2022: Luxury Auto

Opel Grandland 2022, known in social media by the letter X. But the car does not have this letter written on it, hence there is only the Opel sign. However, what distinguishes this car is the presence of a new Opel mask. This new mask is similar to the Storm-trooper used as a metaphor for the Star Wars soldiers. To add up more, this type of grille is semi-closed, as in electric cars. The company logo often appears in grey, but this time it is black, like GS-Line Sport package. Furthermore, the headlights designed with halogen and LED matrix lights. The front design of the car took the black and grey coordinating colours. The side mirrors are also of the same design.

Exterior Design

The general appearance of the car is sporty. In addition, the wheels designed in a dark black colour, measuring 18 inches. So, this size considered standard, neither large nor small. This size fits the combination of the beautiful appearance of the car and the comfort of driving. The length of the car not changed, as is the black stripe at the bottom. Highlighting the rear of the car, there is the word “Grand Land” in large letters. Amusingly, the tail lights of the car beautifully designed to match the lights at the bottom. The texture of the interior doors is very smooth, as well as the rest of the interior parts. Moreover, the head-space and foot-space are very comfortable.

In addition, there are cup holders, but they are not heated or cooled, as in luxury-cars. Moreover, you can remove them and utilized space. The engine capacity is 1600 cc, with 163 horsepower and 240 Nm of torque. And in conclusion, the car Opel Grandland 2022 is a luxury-car, sporty with elegant appearance.