Patrol Nissan VTC: Top Speed

Autos modification is common and believable, but the top speed of Patrol Nissan VTC is another legend. Technicians and designers converted this auto into another unbelievable make. Generally, speed range of Patrols is between 270-80; however, reaching 500 is what this auto did. One of the changes that occurred here is the addition of ventilation vans. The reason behind this is to increase the amount of the air admitted to the engine for efficient cooling. In top speeds, cooling the engine is the key for acceleration.

Patrol NissanUnique Design

Of course, there are many alternations done for the engine. However, still under the hood everything stays well organized. For seating, designers changed them by Mercedes S500. The reason behind this is that these seats are luxurious, relaxing and easily absorbs tough road vibration. On the contrary, the internal space of the auto became uncomfortable. The only solution for this little inconvenience is to fold the seats when ridding. Furthermore, technicians altered the steering wheel by another one which has more control. Not only this, the steering wheel also provides information for the driver for more safety.

Shedding the light on the front screen, technicians changed it with Tesla one. Of course, Tesla screen has perfect resolution and proficiency that is why it is suitable here. For more safety, designers placed thin line LED lighting around the wheels of the auto. This alternation enhances safety especial when driving in top gear. Another fascinating enhancement done on this car is this. You can fill up the tyres with air just by pressing a button. When driving on intense sand drivers need to flatten the tyres and latter fill them up with air. By this way, drivers do not need to pay a visit to any autos’ service zones.